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Category Archives: Professional Malpractice Questions

Should I accept a full refund from an attorney in case of legal malpractice?

Additional Information: My attorney did not follow professional rules of conduct and made some major mistakes in handling the dispute in the purchase of our Wellesley home.   He has acknowledged that he fouled up the litigation. Should I accept a … Continue reading »

Do we have a case against the title search company?

Additional Information: We paid for a title search on property in Wayland but found out after purchase the title was never clear.  We received a certified letter stating that the property had been auctioned off for back taxes and would … Continue reading »

We just found out new home has defective foundation. Can we sue the seller or real estate agent?

Additional Information: My wife and I moved into our first home in Wellesley and discovered a defective foundation.  We contacted engineers and contractors and discovered that the sellers had contacted them previously for foundation repair bids.   The foundation issues were … Continue reading »

Property doesn’t meet needs of my business. Can I sue seller?

Additional Information: I bought a commercial property in Natick and now due to disputed property lines have determined that the property is unsuitable for my business.  Before we closed, the seller told me that there was a pending boundary dispute … Continue reading »

Can I sue my accountant for damages my business has suffered?

Additional Information: Can I sue my accountant?  It appears as though there were significant errors with my taxes from 2009 and now I am being audited.  I understand I am responsible for the tax filing, but can I sue him … Continue reading »