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Category Archives: Real Estate Questions

What are My Rights in Massachusetts if My Contractor Abandoned Our Renovation Project?

Posted by Alan Fanger Your rights as a homeowner against a contractor depend on whether the contractor was registered with the state as a Home Improvement Contractor (go to to determine whether the contractor is registered). If the contractor … Continue reading »

How does an individual condo owner file a claim with the master insurance?

Additional Information: We bought a condo in a building with 4 units in Needham. Three units have been sold and occupied for at least a year, including ours. The last unit just passed papers recently.  The original owner of the … Continue reading »

Our closing attorney didn’t payoff the FHA loan as required by Payoff Statement.

Additional Information: The closing attorney for the sale of my home in Wellesley was aware of the necessity to payoff my FHA loan at a certain time to avoid additional fees. The payoff was rejected by my lender because is … Continue reading »

My condo was damaged due to a fire in neighbor’s unit.

Additional Information: I live in a Condo in Newton and my unit has been damaged by water due to fire in our neighbor’s unit. I received an estimate from the Association’s Insurance company and am not satisfied with the estimate … Continue reading »

In MA can I sue my home inspector or realtor?

Additional Information: I just closed on a home in the Greater Boston area.  The inspector stated and reported that the fuel source is natural gas.  My buyer’s Realtor stated the heating unit was natural gas.  I recently learned from the … Continue reading »