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MA New Construction Litigation – Warranty Remedies

Attorney Alan Fanger reviews the warranties and remedies available to owners who find construction problems or major defects with their newly constructed home or building. Attorney Alan Fanger is a Massachusetts litigation attorney with offices in Wellesley. He serves the … Continue reading »

Records Policy For Your Massachusetts Business

Attorney Alan Fanger discusses the importance of records policy for your Massachusetts business. Attorney Alan Fanger is a Massachusetts attorney with offices in Wellesley. He serves the entire Greater Boston and Boston metrowest region including Norfolk County, Suffolk County, Middlesex … Continue reading »

What is a deposition and how do you prepare for it?

A deposition is a process where you sit and answer questions under oath from the attorney representing the other side in the case. The deposition usually takes place at the office at the lawyer of the other side. There is … Continue reading »

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is an efficient user friendly process. The whole point of arbitration is to get disputes wraped up in a way that is fast and convienent for the partys. Watch Alan’s video to learn more about the arbitration process in … Continue reading »

What is professional malpractice in Massachusetts?

Malpractice is defined as the failure to adhere to the “standard of care” for a particular profession. In order to prove malpractice in Massachusetts, a plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit) needs to establish two things: 1. That the plaintiff … Continue reading »