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Business organizations are inherently prone to internal conflict. Senior executives, partners and employees have particular agendas, views of the world, and personalities. This often leads to disputes as wide-ranging as shareholder freeze-outs, attempts by former employees to violate non-compete agreements, or disputes regarding the direction of the business.

The first thing I try to do with clients who are involved in a business dispute is to step back from the dispute, identify what each person wants from the other, learn about the personalities of the other parties involved, and then use that information to present clear choices to the client, ranging from an attempt to informally mediate the dispute, to more formal mediation, or possibly litigation or arbitration.

Throughout this process I try to emphasize to clients that ultimately this is a business dispute, and it should be viewed through that lens. Emotions run high when people in business take on one another, but those emotions can also get in the way of one’s ability to envision businesslike solutions to businesslike problems.

The business disputes described on this site under Business Dispute Cases represent my successful efforts in persuading clients to shed their emotions, understand the other side’s objectives, and focus on an expeditious resolution of the dispute, where possible.

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