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Misconduct in management and use of Trust

Case Summary: Alan represented a disabled woman in her 60s was the beneficiary of a trust that required the trustee,  her sister,  to provide a “housing benefit” for her.  The trustee owned and managed a home in which both she … Continue reading »

Sued attorney on condominium sale

Clients sold a condominium unit in South Boston and took back a second mortgage from the buyer. The borrower subsequently sold the unit to his attorney, who failed to arrange for the payoff of the client’s mortgage in connection with … Continue reading »

Challenge the amount of trustee’s and trust attorney’s fees

Case Summary: Alan represented the beneficiaries of a trust, which was administered for more than 15 years.   When the trust was to be liquidated,  the trustee provided a proposed accounting and asked that the beneficiaries sign off on the accounting.    … Continue reading »

Right to sue the mother’s attorney for malpractice

Clients are four of five children of a woman who died in 2003. The fifth child—the clients’ sister—was the only one of the children living with their mother as an adult. Approximately three weeks before the mother’s death, the sister … Continue reading »

Challenging the amendment of a trust

Case Summary: The daughter of an 85-year-old woman brought her mother to the daughter’s attorney for purposes of having the mother amend a trust so as to leave certain real estate in the trust solely to the daughter. The daughter … Continue reading »