Alan Secures Judgment in Sewage Backup Case

A Superior Court judge has handed Alan’s client a substantial judgment in a sewage loss case. The client, a homeowner in Lynn, experienced a backup of raw sewage in her basement during a heavy rainstorm in the fall of 2011….

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Alan Secures Victory For Widow in Bitterly Contested Estate Dispute

An arbitrator has issued a decision in favor of Alan’s client in a bitterly disputed, lengthy case that has its roots in events that occurred in the early 1990s. In late 1992, Gloria died without a will. Gloria’s husband, Peter,…

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Alan Secures Favorable Trial Decision in Two Issues of First Impression In Homeowner-Contractor

Alan has scored a major victory following a jury-waived trial where he represented a homeowner who had claimed to be the victim of unfair business practices by contractor. After five days of trial, the court found that the contractor violated…

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Alan Settles Will Contest With Aknowledgement That Later Will Is Invalid

On May 4, 2012, Alan secured a settlement of a will contest for a client on terms highly favorable to the client. The client’s brother had executed a will in 2002, at which time the client and his brother owned…

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Alan Reaches Settlement in Landlord Tenant Case Without the Need for Litigation

In a rare case that did not even require a lawsuit to be filed, Alan recently secured a monetary settlement for a client who had to vacate his apartment because the landlord had been ordered to correct violations of the…

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Alan Scores Major Victory in Bankruptcy Case

Alan recently secured a favorable decision for a creditor client in a case in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Rhode Island that involved misconduct by the debtor. The debtor,  himself a bankruptcy attorney, filed for bankruptcy in early 2010.    He…

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Alan Wins Arbitration on Novel Legal Issue Concerning Real Estate Deposit

On September 1, 2011, Alan secured an award for his client in an arbitration proceeding which raised a question of first impression in Massachusetts: What happens when a buyer gives a deposit on real estate to the seller’s real estate…

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Challenge the amendment of a trust

Clients are two of three children of a woman who died in 2007. In 1994 the decedent prepared a trust that sought to evenly divide certain bank and brokerage accounts equally among the three children. In 2006, the decedent amended…

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Alan wins arbitration in condo dispute

In February, 2011,   Alan prevailed on behalf of his client in an arbitration resulting from a dispute between the owners of a two-unit condominium. Alan’s client (who brought the case)  had desired to renovate her unit, and in connection with…

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Misconduct in management and use of Trust

Case Summary: Alan represented a disabled woman in her 60s was the beneficiary of a trust that required the trustee,  her sister,  to provide a “housing benefit” for her.  The trustee owned and managed a home in which both she…

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