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I represent clients in Newton, Wellesley, the Greater Boston area, and throughout Massachusetts in matters including will, trust, and probate contests, contractor disputes & defects, real estate disputes, boundary and easement disputes, employment misclassification matters (including the failure of employers to provide the appropriate wages and benefits), professional malpractice, and a variety of consumer matters, such as liability for home inspection.


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Alan interviewed by Houston televisions station concerning the DeShaun Watson case.

Alan recently scored a major victory for clients at the Massachusetts Appeals Court; the decision ended 11 years of litigation over an annuity policy that had been gifted to the clients by their brother. A family member plaintiff brought a lawsuit against Alan’s clients, alleging that they had engaged in undue influence to induce the gift of an annuity. The trial court agreed with Alan’s contention that the plaintiff did not have standing to sue, and recently the Massachusetts Appeals Court agreed with this decision. In addition to winning the case for his clients, the court also required the plaintiff to pay Alan’s clients all attorneys’ fees incurred in their defense.
Alan Fanger represented me in a case that was recently settled. Even though I did not recover what I had originally filed suit for, Mr. Fanger guided me to the best outcome overall.
Alan recently settled my case with a former employer out of court in a very short amount of time.
I initially contacted Alan to represent my rights and interests as a dissident condo board member, Alan courageously demanded accountability from opposing counsel and the condo association board they represented.
I was having no luck coaxing my former landords to refund my money in a timely manner. Alan was on the case in a heartbeat and we conducted all business via emails. He obtained quick results and resolved the issue in my favor.
He was incredibly warm, responsive and a consummate professional. I found his guidance and approach to always be in my best interest. Alan is one of those attorneys that ANYONE would benefit from his counsel.
Alan Fanger is a highly talented attorney and on top of that a truly great guy. He handled my case with a level of conscientiousness, honesty and knowledge that put my worries to rest during a complex business dispute.
Alan did a wonderful job for us in a very hard situation…There is no one better!
Having to go through litigation was a difficult time for me as I did not know what to expect and Alan turned out to be a blessing. I was able to get through it knowing he was involved and looking out for my best interests.
I have the pleasure of knowing Attorney Fanger and confidently recommend him. Alan is a skilled litigator and brings his vast legal knowledge and insight to every client’s cause.
Alan is an experienced, highly skilled and effective litigator who skillfully worked with me to protect and enforce the rights of a trust beneficiary.
I have known Alan Fanger for a number of years. He is a terrific colleague and is always ready to help others. Unlike many lawyers in this day and age who specialize in one area of law, Alan is a true consummate litigator.
We would highly recommend Attorney Fanger to anyone who needs to have their interests protected in a court of law as he is an excellent litigator.
Attorney Fanger was extremely helpful in handling our case. We were immediately impressed with his insight and intelligence.
Alan is great. Mine was a pretty small action against a company that went bankrupt right after we filed. Alan treated it the same way I imagine he’d treat a big case against a corporate – and profitable – giant.
Thanks, Alan!

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You have likely come to this website because you have a legal problem. It may be an inheritance or probate dispute, a failed business or real estate transaction or partnership, a landlord-tenant problem, or an issue with a professional who failed to provide the level of service you had reasonably expected.

Whatever the reason, you will find answers….here.

Having been named a Super Lawyer for the 6th straight year, I bring more than 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer to solve your problems. I am unflinching and unwavering in my commitment to vindicate your rights, while being mindful at the same time of your concern to do so in a cost-effective and responsive manner, at all times working collaboratively with you to demystify the law and litigation procedure and identifying creative solutions to achieve your objectives.

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