Has your contractor failed to complete your project, or made significant mistakes?  Has the contractor refused your request for arbitration under the home improvement contractor arbitration program? I represent clients against contractors in construction defect, failure to perform, lien, and other construction matters.

Boston, MA Contractor Dispute Lawyer for Defective Work

Representing homeowners in contractor disputes in Newton, Wellesley, the Greater Boston Area, and Throughout Massachusetts

Whether you have engaged a contractor to build a new home, an addition to your home, or to remodel your home, you know that disputes can easily arise.  Often these disputes involve:

  • Failure to perform
  • Poor workmanship
  • The use of inferior or defective materials
  • Failure to timely complete all work

Homeowners, Contractors and Disputes Between the Two

While the list of potential construction problems may be endless, getting a fair resolution should not be endless.

When contractor disputes arise, I represent clients in seeking a prompt and fair resolution.  Litigation and trial should be considered a last resort, not the first.

Often, contracts may involve mandatory mediation and/or arbitration clauses; if so, then these avenues will be used.  Even if there aren’t any such provisions in the contract, these and other dispute resolution alternatives should be explored.  Filing a complaint before the board of registered contractors may also be an option.

How I Help Clients in Contractor Dispute Cases

The first steps are to learn about the facts of your case – what should have been done, and what actually was done.  I will want to document your case as thoroughly as possible, as preparing a strong case will significantly further the objectives of obtaining a fair resolution.  Having a strong and well-documented case will also increase the chance of obtaining a favorable settlement prior to trial.

In many instances, having an experienced attorney involved on a matter will be enough to convince a contractor to take the appropriate action to rectify any problems.  As a Massachusetts real estate attorney for more than 25 years, I’ve helped many clients successfully resolve contractor disputes through negotiation, without having to proceed to court.  In other cases, I’ve helped clients prevail through mediation, arbitration, and at trial.

With an experienced attorney on your side, contractors know that they must take seriously your case and deal with you fairly, or that they will be called to defend their actions in court in front of a jury, who will be able to determine liability and damages.


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