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Massachusetts Probate Disputes – What All Parties Should Know

Probate litigation can not only be expensive, it can literally tear families apart at a very difficult time when a loved one (often a parent) had died.  It is my intent to help clients avoid this consequence from occurring, while seeking to protect their interests and further their objectives.  As a Massachusetts probate dispute lawyer, I represent clients throughout Massachusetts, including Boston, Newton, Wellesley, and the surrounding areas and communities.  I am admitted to practice before all Massachusetts courts, including the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. 

At the outset of a probate litigation matter, all participants should know and consider the following:

  • All cases will have an outcome.  It’s usually better to negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome than to leave the ultimate decision to the court.
  • Taking a case to court can be expensive and time-consuming.  A “win” at trial can be hollow if the estate is significantly depleted of money by the litigation process.
  • Even if you’re right, this does not necessarily mean that the litigation process will be any faster or less expensive.  In situations in which issues are legitimately contested, there usually is no short cut approach in the litigation process to quick decisions or a trial.

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How Probate Disputes Are Typically Resolved in Massachusetts

Most probate disputes are resolved through negotiation among those who have an interest in the outcome and their legal representatives.  In some cases, mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution opportunities may be available.

As part of my representation I am focused on achieving the objectives most desired by clients in an effective, cost-efficient manner.  My work begins by collaboratively working with clients to develop a strong case based upon the facts and the law, as having a solid case offers the best opportunity for achieving a successful result through negotiation or trial.  Often, creativity is an essential part in developing the ultimate resolution that will be acceptable to all parties.

In an acceptable settlement for you cannot be achieved, than my focus shifts to implementing a plan aimed at securing a full win for you at trial.  With nearly 30 years of litigation experience, I am prepared to present your case at trial and to advocate forcefully on your behalf.

If you are seeking an experienced and creative probate dispute lawyer, please complete the contact form on this page so that I may learn about your matter.

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