All clients should know exactly how legal fees are determined, and they should not hesitate to talk to me about any questions or concerns they may have about fees.

Clients have certain expectations with respect to the fees that are charged them for legal services. My objective is to exceed those expectations in every possible way.

Both the course and outcome of litigation are unpredictable. For these reasons we constantly remind clients that my objective is not to spend their money, but rather to relieve them of the pain associated with litigation (whether the client is a plaintiff or defendant). Clients who engage our services will often hear me ask them whether they wish to embark on a particular strategy—to take a deposition, research an issue of law or perform an investigation—in view of its cost and likely value in concluding the matter on reasonable or favorable terms.

Bills rendered to clients are generally detailed and provide clients with a clear understanding of the work that has been performed. We also do not bill clients for faxes and often do not bill for brief telephone calls. Unlike large law firms, which have a fondness for “leveraging” profits through the use of inexperienced associates, the services of my office are provided either by myself (with nearly 20 years of litigation experience) or other substantially experienced attorneys who I bring in to assist me on certain matters.

Contingency Fee Arrangements: We also often consider and implement non-traditional fee arrangements such as: pure contingency fee, reduced hourly rate with a success bonus, mixed contingency/hourly fee, or flat fee, all of which tie overall compensation to the results achieved for the client.

If would like to discuss your legal rights, feel free to contact our office.   Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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