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Alan Fanger on NBC Sports Radio

On October 10, 2012, Alan Fanger appeared on NBC Sports Radio’s “The Dan Schwartzman Show” to discuss the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky as well as the reinstated suspensions of four New Orleans Saints players by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. It was Alan’s first-ever appearance on a national sports radio network.

Alan previously has appeared as a commentator on legal issues in the sports world on sports radio stations in Chicago, Houston, Charlotte, Kansas City and several other top 50 markets.

Alan Settles Sewage Backup Case for $1.35 million

Alan recently won the largest settlement of a residential sewage backup case in Massachusetts history, in the amount of $1.35 million from three defendants, including the City of Taunton, that marked the end of a lawsuit that lasted nearly four years.

Alan’s clients were 14 owners or occupants of units at a condominium complex. The clients suffered personal property losses and were displaced from their homes for anywhere from 7-13 months as a result of two sewage backups, the second of which resulted in the condemnation of the units by the City of Taunton, and their substantial reconstruction.

Alan sued the city, the condominium trustees and a contractor on behalf of his clients, and was able to bring about the settlement after three days of mediation. Alan was helped measurably by the work of Mark Bartlett, a civil engineer who was able to analyze the manner in which the sewage system failed.

An article about this case and its settlement was published in Lawyer’s Weekly.

Alan Quoted in Boston Globe Article About Legal Fee Disputes

Alan is quoted in a Boston Globe Article about a fee dispute between a client and major Boston law firm. He discusses how corporate clients have started to scrutinize their legal bills more carefully and are not always happy with what they are seeing.


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