help clients resolve disputes involving easements, boundary lines, liens, encumbrances, and other matters affecting real property.  

Boston Lien and Title Dispute Lawyer – Helping Clients Resolve Lien and Title Matters in Newton, Wellesley, and the Greater Boston Area

Lien, title and related matters can significantly affect property ownership. I help clients resolve disputes concerning these and other real estate property matters.

Massachusetts Contractor Lien Disputes

In Massachusetts, anyone providing goods or services that benefit real property has the right to file what is known as a “mechanic’s lien” to secure payment for the goods or services furnished.  When recorded, the lien attaches to the real property ownership, and the lienholder (the person or company filing the lien) may have the right to compel the property to be sold to pay off the lien (unless such amount is paid before the sale).

Lienholders do not want to spend the time and pay for a judicial property sale.  Instead, they simply want to be paid.

Unfortunately, in the course of construction project, an owner may pay the general contractor what the general contractor is owed, but the general contractor may not pay subcontractors. Subcontractors, when they are not paid, may then file a lien against the property. Owners then, are in a difficult position if they have fully paid a general contractor, but the general contractor has not paid the subcontractors.

I help clients in all types of lien matters, including the ones described above.

Title Disputes

Having clear title is critical, particularly when seeking financing for property acquisition and property sale. Clouds on property title can develop under a number of different circumstances, such as the failure by a mortgagor to properly release a lien, or an impropriety in a deed or in the recording of a deed. I help clients to resolve these matters so that they are able to have marketable title for their property.

Seeking a Swift Resolution of Property Encumbrance Matters

I assist clients in seeking a swift resolution for property encumbrance matters whenever possible on favorable terms.  If such a favorable result cannot be obtained, then on behalf of my client I will take my client’s case to trial.

With more than 30 years of representing clients in real estate matters, I am experienced in providing dedicated representation and creative problem-solving. I would invite you to contact me to learn how I can help.

Client Review

Saw Alan’s website while researching MA laws on tenant’s security deposits. I was having no luck coaxing my former landords to refund my money in a timely manner. Alan was on the case in a heartbeat and we conducted all business via emails. He obtained quick results and resolved the issue in my favor. Despite the fact that we never met in person, we were able to establish a working relationship. I owe this to Alan’s professionalism and tenacity.

5 Star Avvo Review – Paul

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