“Alan Fanger is an excellent attorney”

Posted by Steve:

“Alan Fanger is an excellent attorney. We had a real estate case that included multiple individuals (including attorneys), non-payment of a mortgage obligation, multiple cross-complaints and spanned almost 10 years. Through all of it, even when it was at its worst, Alan kept us informed and kept us on path to reach our final goal of fighting off the frivolous claims and counterclaims and collecting the debt owed to us with interest. Justice prevailed thanks to the dedication of this superb professional.

We would highly recommend Attorney Fanger to anyone who needs to have their interests protected in a court of law as he is an excellent litigator. He is extremely trustworthy and earned our respect soon after he took over our case. He always took the time to explain what we would be faced with and always listened to us whenever we needed questions answered. Alan is thoroughly knowledgeable about real estate litigation.

We are so glad that we were referred to Attorney Fanger when faced with the initial frivolous lawsuit. He guided us through that one and the following 6-8 years of subsequent claims from this group of cronies.

Thanks Alan for all you did for us.”

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