Do we have a case against the title search company?

Additional Information:

We paid for a title search on property in Wayland but found out after purchase the title was never clear.  We received a certified letter stating that the property had been auctioned off for back taxes and would no longer be ours if we did not pay over two years worth of back taxes, including interest and fees, within months. We consulted a real estate lawyer and found that the title had a lein against it and had never been filed. We paid all of the taxes and filed the deed. We have evidence that we paid for a title search & title insurance. Do we have a case?


If you were the party that engaged the title search company,  it would appear that you may very well have a valid claim for a negligent title search. You should consult with an experienced professional malpractice attorney.

Attorney Alan Fanger is an Professional Malpractice Lawyer.  He serves the entire Greater Boston and Boston metrowest region including Wayland, MA and  the surrounding communities including Sudbury, Concord, Lincoln, Weston, Wellesley, Natick, and Framingham.

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