Highly recommend Alan Fanger for Real Estate issues. He knows what he’s doing.

Posted by a Real Estate client

Attorney Alan Fanger represented me in a case that was recently settled. Even though I did not recover what I had originally filed suit for, Mr. Fanger guided me to the best outcome overall.

I had been involved in a legal dispute once before where I received legal representation from a larger firm than Mr. Fanger’s. The outcome was positive but the lingering impression was different. First off, I felt Mr. Fanger understood the ins and outs of the legal landscape of my case and would not have agreed to take the case otherwise. The larger law firm seemed like they knew what they were doing collectively but the handling of the case felt fractured and inconsistent at times. Second, Mr. Fanger made good use of technology to keep cost down such as the Dropbox mobile app for file sharing instead of email file attachments and, emails for almost all communications thus avoiding phone tagging. Occasionally we touched base over the phone when needed. Third, Mr. Fanger seemed more precise in his billing practices by using smaller increments time. All in all, Mr. Fanger was pragmatic and conscientious. I highly recommend Mr. Alan Fanger for anyone who needs help in the areas of the law he practices in.

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