Is a 14 day to quit notice legal if it’s sent by regular mail?

Additional Information: I live in Framingham and have been a tenant for over two years. My landlord just sent me a quit notice in the mail without communicating anything to me.

Attorney Answer: No. A 14-day notice to quit must be served in a manner that is likely to give you reasonable notice that your tenancy is being terminated. Notices that are validly served come by way of sheriff, constable, certified or registered mail, but regular mail is not considered a method reasonably likely to inform a tenant that the tenancy has been terminated. If the landlord moves ahead with eviction proceedings, you may use the lack of valid service of the notice to quit as a defense to eviction (among other defenses you may have). Whatever you do, do NOT tell the landlord that you received the notice by mail. If you eventually get served with a summary process summons and complaint, be sure to contact an attorney, who can effectively raise this and other defenses on your behalf.

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