My condo was damaged due to a fire in neighbor’s unit.

Additional Information:

I live in a Condo in Newton and my unit has been damaged by water due to fire in our neighbor’s unit. I received an estimate from the Association’s Insurance company and am not satisfied with the estimate since it does not provide adequate compensation to cover expenses for necessary repairs.  What should I do to get better settlements?


The following options would be available to you:  (a) you can obtain your own estimate (though it should come from a highly reputable contractor, preferably one who has done work for insurance companies) ;  (b) you could hire a “public adjuster” (a claims rep who would represent your interests but who would probably charge 10 percent of the payment as his/her fee, so perhaps only worth it if there’s a great deal of damage);  or (c) you could hire an attorney on an hourly basis (this would be in conjunction with option (a). 

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