Alan Secures Favorable Ruling in Novel Issue Involving Arbitration in Homeowner v. Contractor Case

Posted by Alan Fanger On March 28, 2013, a judge in the Norfolk Superior Court sided with Alan and his client in a novel issue involving the right to state-sponsored arbitration of a homeowner v. contractor dispute. All licensed home…

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Court Sides With Alan On Novel Legal Malpractice issue

In an issue of first impression,   a court has sided with Alan’s client in a case in which he represents an executor who has sued the attorney for the decedent for malpractice in his drafting of the decedent’s will. The…

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The Massachusetts State Crime Lab Scandal and Potential Lawsuits

Most people are now aware of the scandal involving the state’s drug lab and charges that have been brought against Annie Dookhan,  a former chemist at the lab who is alleged to have fabricated drug testing results in tens of…

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Alan Secures Groundbreaking Decision on Architect Liability

A Superior Court judge recently ruled that clients of Alan’s who purchased a condominium unit with substantial defects in the heating and air conditioning systems could hold the architect responsible for the defects without the need to present expert testimony….

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Sued attorney on condominium sale

Clients sold a condominium unit in South Boston and took back a second mortgage from the buyer. The borrower subsequently sold the unit to his attorney, who failed to arrange for the payoff of the client’s mortgage in connection with…

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Right to sue the mother’s attorney for malpractice

Clients are four of five children of a woman who died in 2003. The fifth child—the clients’ sister—was the only one of the children living with their mother as an adult. Approximately three weeks before the mother’s death, the sister…

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Sued mutual fund company for losses

Client had significant money in several mutual funds with one mutual fund company. Client accessed her account online and discovered that nearly all of the funds in her account were no longer in the account. The mutual fund company performed…

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