In MA can I sue my home inspector or realtor?

Additional Information: I just closed on a home in the Greater Boston area.  The inspector stated and reported that the fuel source is natural gas.  My buyer’s Realtor stated the heating unit was natural gas.  I recently learned from the…

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If a pool company breeched my contract, do I have to pay them?

Additional Information: A Boston pool company screwed up my pool, back yard, and vinyl siding. I already paid them 15,000.00 out of the 23,000.00 in credit cards. The last credit card company is trying to collect, but I say I…

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What is professional malpractice in Massachusetts?

Malpractice is defined as the failure to adhere to the “standard of care” for a particular profession. In order to prove malpractice in Massachusetts, a plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit) needs to establish two things: 1. That the plaintiff…

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Are we responsible for a contractors water bill after we purchase the home?

Additional Information: we brought a brand new house 1 year ago and at the closing the atty for the bank didn’t get the final water bill reading which in turn the builder is refusing to pay and saying he didn’t…

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What is the statute of limitations in Massachusetts for a legal malpractice case?

Additional Information: I know that it is 3 years, but when does that 3 years begin? Is it from the date of the last trial, or the date of the judgment, or something else? Attorney Answer: The statute of limitations…

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