Would I be able to seek a more aggressive settlement?

Additional Information:
My case has black and white evidence of severe invasion of privacy from a large company. I have already talked to one lawyer about bringing suite against this large company. This attorney is in a one-person firm. He estimated I would receive a settlement of more than $100,000. if I seek a larger firm with more experience against large companies. Would i be able to seek a more aggressive settlement?

Attorney Answer:
While I understand that the size and the stature of the company might make one think that the use of a large firm is necessary, that is definitely not the case. For example, I recently represented 14 condo unit owners who litigated a case for four years against the city of Taunton and two other defendants, and the case recently settled for $1.35 million. None of those defense attorneys thought that my status as a sole practitioner affected their strategy in the case. If an attorney is competent, dogged in his/her pursuit of your claim and makes clear to his adversary his knowledge of the facts, the applicable law and the strategy employed to achieve the best possible result, those factors, and not the size of the attorney’s firm, will be relevant.

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