I became an attorney to help people. After more than 30 years of practice, I enjoy helping people as much today as when I started practicing law.

“Pit Bull” v. “Peaceful Warrior”: Is There A Difference?

A few years I was taking the deposition of a defendant in a will contest. During a particularly tense of line of questioning the defendant’s attorney started ranting that the questioning of his client was “demeaning” and “inappropriate”. He threatened…

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Litigation “Venture Capital”: Contingency Fees in Probate Litigation

The growing income inequality between the very wealthiest Americans and the middle and working classes have made legal services more and more of a province of those who can afford attorneys and not those who need them. Fortunately, contingency fee…

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Challenging A Will: The Importance of The Affidavit of Objections

Here’s a pretty grim statistic from 2015: On three separate occasions last year,  a prospective client contacted me about assisting them in challenging a will,  then decided to represent themselves.    In each of these instances,    the court ended up dismissing…

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The derivative lawsuit: A little-used weapon against estates

When you step back and think about it, the administration of an estate carries with it the potential to provoke disagreement between the estate and its heirs.   The personal representative (formerly known under prior law as the execturor) has the…

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Alan secures arbitration victory in corporate creditor dispute

Alan’s client was recently awarded a substantial victory in a dispute concerning the creditors of a local company. The company was a closely-held firm that was in the business of real estate development.    Alan’s client,  one of the company’s original…

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Alan Secures Victory For Widow in Bitterly Contested Estate Dispute

An arbitrator has issued a decision in favor of Alan’s client in a bitterly disputed, lengthy case that has its roots in events that occurred in the early 1990s. In late 1992, Gloria died without a will. Gloria’s husband, Peter,…

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Alan Secures Favorable Trial Decision in Two Issues of First Impression In Homeowner-Contractor

Alan has scored a major victory following a jury-waived trial where he represented a homeowner who had claimed to be the victim of unfair business practices by contractor. After five days of trial, the court found that the contractor violated…

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The Burden of Proof – Challenging a Will or Trust in Massachusetts

There are not many circumstances under which someone would normally challenge a will or a trust. But if you are a beneficiary, an heir, or another interested party and you are concerned about the validity of the documents pertaining to…

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Can They Sit on Their Hands? Obligations of Personal Representatives to Diligently Administer Estates

I have received several inquiries recently from heirs of estates, expressing frustration over delays in the administration of those estates. In some instances the estates have existed for more than a decade, yet distributions have not been made to heirs…

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Misclasification of Employees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts employment misclasification lawyer, Alan Fanger explains the misclasification of an employee as an independent contractor.

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