Can I break my lease due to Pot smoke?

Additional Information: I rent an apartment in Brighton, Massachusetts. I’d like to break my lease early due to pot smoke from another tenant getting into my unit. The landlord does not believe my complaint, and has therefore not done anything…

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Under Massachusetts law, may I evict my tenant for smelly trash?

Additional Information: I am a landlord in Newton, Massachusetts and have a tenant that I want to evict because she has rubbish and trash and dishes piled up everywhere. The smell invades my life. I would like to evict her…

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Can we sue our neighbor for fallen trees that damaged our house in Lexington?

Additional Information: We live in Lexington, MA. Our neighbor failed to cut the trees down. My house was severely damaged by two falling trees in the last ice storm we experienced, my wife and I were in the house when…

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Is a 14 day to quit notice legal if it’s sent by regular mail?

Additional Information: I live in Framingham and have been a tenant for over two years. My landlord just sent me a quit notice in the mail without communicating anything to me. Attorney Answer: No. A 14-day notice to quit must…

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