My condo was damaged due to a fire in neighbor’s unit.

Additional Information: I live in a Condo in Newton and my unit has been damaged by water due to fire in our neighbor’s unit. I received an estimate from the Association’s Insurance company and am not satisfied with the estimate…

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What would be required of me to file a professional malpractice suit?

Additional Information: I had been seeing a therapist in Newton for over 10 years to try to resolve some issues that developed from my childhood. He violated boundaries and took advantage of me.  I want to file charges and sue…

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Do we have a professional malpractice claim?

Additional Information: My husband passed away while we were separated, but not yet divorced.  Our Framingham house was in his name only so I hired a probate attorney. He told me it would be 6 months to a year before…

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Do I have a case to sue my divorce attorney?

Additional Information: I just settled in mediation.  I am receiving less child support than what I think I am entitled to.  My attorney had 2 days to review the discovery documents, she never reviewed them with me.  I asked her…

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In MA can I sue my home inspector or realtor?

Additional Information: I just closed on a home in the Greater Boston area.  The inspector stated and reported that the fuel source is natural gas.  My buyer’s Realtor stated the heating unit was natural gas.  I recently learned from the…

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Our new home in Weston has termites!

Additional Information: Who is responsible? My wife and I bought a home in Weston and discovered termites shortly after we moved in.  Are the sellers responsible or is the home inspection company responsible?  They had to know there were termites…

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Can our Dover HOA shut off water to a member for non-payment?

Additional Information: Can a home owners association shut the water off to one of it’s members for non-payment of its dues for a shared well?  One member in our Dover condo building owes back fees of over a thousand dollars…

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How much notice do I need to give a tenant that a lease will not be renewed and can I show the home while the lease is active?

Additional Information: I presently rent my Newton home to an individual on a one year lease. I am dissatisfied with this tenant and will not be renewing his lease. How much notice do I need to give him that I…

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Landlord in Lowell caught breaking law. Can we terminate lease?

Additional Information: My wife and I rent an apartment in Lowell, Massachusetts. We noticed some things missing from our apartment so we set up a surveillance camera and caught our landlord entering our apartment without permission while we were away….

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Can I break my lease due to Pot smoke?

Additional Information: I rent an apartment in Brighton, Massachusetts. I’d like to break my lease early due to pot smoke from another tenant getting into my unit. The landlord does not believe my complaint, and has therefore not done anything…

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